Our technology

Our biomaterials platform allows us to design and develop new synthetic proteins, which can be used to create a new class of fibres.

The resulting materials surpass natural and traditional synthetic fibres, while being oil-free and biodegradable.

Solena's solution provides apparel and fashion brands with access to high-performance, sustainable textiles.

solena materials founder James MacDonald working in a lab

The Process

solena materials ai-based protein design

AI-based protein design
We design new-to-world proteins using in-house trained deep learning models to design protein sequences that can form high performance, non-oil derived and biodegradable fibres.

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solena materials automated lab

Automated lab
Our designer proteins can be produced in small quantities and in parallel using our liquid handling robots.

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solena materials scientist at work materials testing

High-throughput materials testing
We have developed a proprietary method for rapidly testing the materials performance of our proteins on a small scale.

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solena materials ai training data

Training data
The data generated using our rapid testing method provides valuable training data to further enhance our deep learning models.

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carbon footprint reduction
tougher than Kevlar 49
carbon footprint reduction
carbon footprint reduction
solena materials scientists at work

The impact

Solena Materials' innovative process is designed to tackle the huge environmental impacts of synthetic materials, which includes greenhouse gas emissions and microplastic pollution. It has exceptional performance at a high scale, unlike natural fibre alternatives.

Created by a team of experts

The innovative technology at the core of Solena was conceived and developed at Imperial College London by combining the expertise of Dr James MacDonald, Prof. Milo Shaffer and Prof. Paul Freemont. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge in computational protein design, materials science, structural biology and bioautomation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

solena materials scientists at work
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We're open to collaboration, partnerships, media, and investment opportunities. You can also reach out to us if you'd like to learn more about out work.

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