Next generation sustainable fibres for market-leading apparel

We design new proteins to develop fibres that are high performance, non-oil derived and biodegradable.

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The problem

Each year, the fashion sector emits as many greenhouse gases as the combined economies of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. There is an urgent demand from apparel companies and their customers to develop new sustainable alternatives.

Synthetic fibres are oil derived, have high emissions, and cause microplastic pollution.

Natural fibres have insufficient performance and lack the necessary industrial scalability.

Our solution

Our deep learning models design new proteins, enabling the development of fibres that are high performance, non-oil derived and biodegradable.

By working with Solena Materials, apparel and fashion companies can become market leaders in sustainable textile innovation.

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About Solena Materials

We are a team of innovators and scientists who want to make a personal and tangible impact against the climate crisis.

We are on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion sector by creating the next generation of synthetic fibres.

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